• Modern British Potters and their Studios
  • Wally Keeler
  • Gordon Baldwin
  • Michael Flynn
  • Phil Eglin
  • Geoff Fuller
  • Ken Eastman
  • Ken Eastman
  • Emma Rodgers
  • Emma Rodgers
  • Jim Malone
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Dan Kelly
  • Sandy Brown
  • Gordon Baldwin

The Book

An in-depth study of 24 artists, their work and studios, with text by David Whiting and photographs by Jay Goldmark. The book looks at the work, inspiration and the studio of each potter.
A mini biography on many of the most prominent and exciting artists around, the book looks at artists making everything from domestic ware to sculpture.



Resurgence Magazine – Andy Christian, Writer and Advisor to the Arts

Jay Goldmark’s photographs in this book must be lauded. I have seen him at work and can report that he is the least invasive of photographers: discreet, opportunist and eagle-eyed… a good looking book with substance, honesty and surprise.

World of Interiors – Annabel Freyberg, Fine Arts Editor

…The immense visual pleasure of the book lies in the delightful, intimate portraits of potters at work: a laughing Gordon Baldwin, dressed in black and white in largely white surroundings, producing monochrome work: a merrily barefoot Jennifer Lee; Daniel Fisher pulling a face as he concentrates… The photographer, Jay Goldmark, has caught the potters in shots both informal and highly focused – a happy mix.

Galleries Magazine – SD

As we visit each potter in turn, we get a sense of entering a mysterious, private domain. Each one however, reveals the skirmish of creation. Highly recommended.

Craftsman Magazine – Angie Boyer

The images of work are spectacular, whilst the studio scenes are refreshingly natural and literally welcome you into the world of these potters.

Potter’s Guild

This is the most beautifully produced book of its kind that I have ever seen.

The Launch